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   February Police Report    March 1, 2018

A full copy of the original February Police Report can be downloaded here


 February 2018

Wiltshire Police has announced Chief Constable Mike Veale will be stepping down in his role and
has accepted the Chief Constable position for Cleveland Police; his last day will be 4th March
Mr Veale has said "It has been a very difficult decision to make, after serving here in Wiltshire for
13 years and the wider West Country for almost 34 years. However, I feel it is the right time for a
new challenge and it is for that reason that I plan to make this move. I would like to publicly thank
my officers and staff for their unwavering support for me during my tenure as Wiltshire Police chief
Kier Pritchard will become Temporary Chief Constable. His appointment will be for a period of 12
months. Kier is an experienced senior police officer and will provide stability innovation and build
upon excellent foundations. Wiltshire Police is an outstanding force with many strengths and we
feel sure that we have the strong leadership in place to continue and maintain our excellent
reputation. Kier will take up post of Temporary Chief Constable on Monday 5 March 2018.
If you have any questions about any of the above,
please contact Angus Macpherson on:
A reminder of your local Police Community Support Officer’s….
PCSO 8206 Paul WHITESIDE PCSO 8229 Georgie BROWN
You may have seen that due to a
recent recruitment of 50 Police
Constables, Devizes Policing Hub
has welcomed 5 new Police
Constable Recruits in the New Year!
Current Priorities
Theft from Work Vans
This priority was due to close, however due to recent
crimes it will remain open. There has been a spate of FORD
TRANSIT VAN BREAKS, often with no sign of forced entry.
It’s thought that the break-ins have been carried out using a lock-picking device which is capable
of bypassing the lock system without causing any damage to the vehicle. There's no restriction on
the sale of locksmith equipment in the UK, meaning such devices are available on the open
It’s worth pointing out that Transit vans are not the only commercial vehicle at risk. No van is 100%
secure when faced with a suitable lock pick device, however the sheer volume of Transits out on
the road means the number of reported break-ins will consequently be higher.
What can I do to protect my van?
All van owners are advised to fit an alarm and boost security by installing additional Slamlocks or
deadlocks independently of the manufacturers. It is also a good idea to consider insuring your
work tools. This is important because most standard van insurance policies do not cover loss of
tools left in a van overnight. In fact, some policies state that you can’t store tools in your van
unless it meets certain security requirements. Don’t get caught out, and check.
Anyone that owns a Ford Transit Van built between 28 March 2012 and 1st July 2017 can have an
update applied to their vehicle.
Will it cost me anything to have the software update done?
Not at all, this is a Ford-initiated recall and update, so the modification should be applied for free
by your local dealership.
Beauty Spot Theft from Motor Vehicles:
On the 16th January 2018 we relaunched this priority due to this area of the county still suffering a
significant amount of thefts. The difference being that this time, we have identified potential
suspects and are following numerous intelligence leads. Since the above date we officers have
made 22 patrols of all of our beauty spot car parks; however thieves appear to be favouring:
You will be pleased to hear that after securing funding from the ‘Area Board’
Wiltshire Police have been able to erect ‘Warning Signs’ at the majority of these
locations which are visible to the public. Officers will continue to make foot patrols of
these locations and distribute fliers to people making them aware of the risks.
We would like to remind motorists to adhere to the following advice whenever
- Don’t leave any valuables including laptops, satnavs, mobile phones,
handbags, credit cards or vehicle documents in your car.
- Do not leave items of value in the boot, you are being watched.
- Don’t leave coats/jackets on show in the vehicle as a thief will want to see if
there is anything valuable in the pockets.
- Clean satnav suction marks off your windscreen, as leaving them is an
immediate advert to thieves that a satnav is in the vehicle. Make sure no
satnav attachments are left visible in your vehicle.
- Remove your stereo if you can, mark it with the vehicle registration number if
you can’t.
- Leave your glove box open to show there is nothing in it.
- If you own a van, make sure you remove your tools overnight and display an
appropriate sign in the rear window making this clear
At the end of January we closed down our priority for ‘Hare Coursing’, however we will still make
patrols and deal with any offences reported to us or witnessed by officers.
During January, 20 targeted high visibility patrols were carried out across our villages looking for
hare coursing suspects and activity. On the 25th January one male suspect was arrested in the
Marlborough area in relation to Hare Coursing activity, this investigation is on-going.
We have closed the priority for ‘Burglaries’ and can report that during January 17 patrols were
conducted across our rural patch, concentrating on areas that had suffered break-ins.
And we have also closed our priority for ‘Criminality in Devizes Town Centre’, over Christmas our
‘Operation Eskimo’ had a positive impact on shoplifting. We can report 18 patrols were made in the
area during January resulting in numerous arrests of shoplifting suspects.
Wiltshire Police shines spotlight on children and young people throughout February
Wiltshire Police is focusing on supporting young people in our community throughout the month of
February. Devizes, Pewsey and Marlborough PCSO’s will be promoting Safer schools week –
particularly with Internet safety day on 6th February. There are 34 primary schools in this sector and
the majority of these will be receiving internet safety talks over this period.
The Force is looking at ways to better engage with children and young people in the county, as well
as help provide educational support by posting vital information about crimes and subjects which
most affect young people including how to stay safe online.
Throughout the year, Wiltshire Police runs a number of events aimed at young people including the
Junior Good Citizen scheme, as well as supporting the Police Cadets.
The Wiltshire Youth Summit takes place at Devizes School on February 8, and our Youth
Engagement Team will be joined at the event by Assistant Chief Constable Kier Pritchard and
Inspector Paul Hawkins to talk to young attendees from the county. The Force is hosting the event
in conjunction with the local authority, Clinical Commissioning Group, NHS and other service
providers and partners.
Good news updates…..
On Sunday 28th January 2018, officers conducted speed checks along NURSTEED ROAD in DEVIZES, along the outbound direction away from the town centre. This was in response to a complaint of speeding. The Officers found that most drivers were travelling between 20 and 30mph however words of advice was given to 4 drivers that were travelling at 35mph and one ticket was issued to a driver travelling at 40mph in the 30mph zone.
Local Crimes
01/01/2018 – Criminal Damage – Easton Royal - Unknown suspects have damaged the alarmed lock on the gate in an attempt to gain entry to a farm. The alarm has activated and a vehicle was seen speeding away from the scene. This was following a theft of petrol power tools from the same farm in December 2017.
05/01/2018 – Theft – Pewsey - Known male suspect has entered a supermarket and stolen 12 bottles of alcohol without attempting to make payment.
06/01/2018 – Attempt Burglary – Great Bedwyn - Unknown suspects have attempted to gain access to an address in Brook Street but were disturbed by the occupant prior to access. Males were wearing balaclavas, ran off along Brook Street before getting into a vehicle.
08/01/2018 – Sus Damage – High Street, Pewsey - Unknown suspect has caused cracks by unknown means to shop front window.
08/01/2018 – Burglary Shed – High Street, Burbage – Unknown suspect has cut locks to a standalone shed and double wooden garage door. Locks have been stolen. Entry has been gained but nothing has been stolen.
08/01/2018 – Burglary Garage – Little Bedwyn - Unknown suspect has gained entry into an insecure garage. 2 x drills and 1 x mountain bike has been stolen. No damaged has been caused.
08/01/2018 – Theft – Fairfield, Upavon - Unknown suspect has drilled a hole through the plastic and metal cap of an oil tank and stolen approximately 1,500 litres of oil.
09/01/2018 – Attempt Burglary – Olympian Road, Pewsey - Unknown male suspect has attempted to gain entry to a property by trying to undo a security chain from an unlocked door.
13/01/2018 – Burglary Shed – Stype – Unknown suspect has gained entry to a secure garden shed and removed 2 x hedge trimmers, leaf blower, chainsaw, strimmer and lawnmower.
16/01/2018 – Burglary – Woodborough - Unknown suspect has gained access to two outbuildings by pulling the wooden shuttering from the doors. It is not believed they have searched or stolen anything from within but they have stolen a wheelbarrow from outside.
Property - Fibreglass green Wheelbarrow with tubular steel frame and red plastic wheels.
18/01/2018 – Criminal Damage – Ball Road, Pewsey - The outer pane of a double glazed side window of a property has been smashed by unknown means.
19/01/2018 – Attempt Burglary – Olympian Road, Pewsey - Resident has been out for an hour and when they have returned they have discovered that an unknown suspect has attempted to gain entry by prising up the front metal edge of the wooden front door. No entry has been gained.
22/01/2018 – Theft – Brimslade - Unknown suspects have stolen 15 fence panels from a woodland area.
24/01/2018 – Theft – Wilsford - Three unknown suspects have stolen two electric fence batteries whilst the owner had been allowing them to have a look at some scrap metal.
06/02/2018 – Theft – High Street, Pewsey - Unknown suspect has emptied an oil tank. Approximately 1000
litres of oil has been taken.
This link will allow you to check stats in more detail for your area, and all surrounding areas.
If you wish further detail please contact PCSO Jonathan Mills / PCSO Paul Whiteside
Please dial 101 to report a crime and 999 in an emergency.
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CPT East Community Co-ordinator,
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