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   Police Report August 2017    August 9, 2017

Hello and welcome to this Community Policing Team report.

Many areas boards are raising the issue that our 101 Call handling for Wiltshire remains below the standards we wish to deliver.

To give context to the current position it is important to understand that there has been a significant shift in the way we manage our demand within the Police Service.

The Community Policing Model recognises that the Police service is being asked to do ‘more with less’ and helps to address this fact by assessing the demand at the first point of contract. The call handler will assess the threat, harm and risk without necessarily tasking an officer to attend in the first instance. The adage they work to in our Communication Centre is to get it right first time.

As a result of this change in handling we have seen an increase in waiting times for calls to be answered.

However, since we initiated the CPT Model, calls for immediate help have seen an improvement.

It is also important to note that we have engaged in a significant recruitment phase for many roles within the CPT. Police Officers, PCSO, Local Crime Investigators and Prisoner Transport Team members have all been recruited. Where do we find people with the right skills to do these roles? One area is our Communication Centre. These are members of Police Staff who have been trained in aspects of law and have good communication skills. It is not surprising that they then wish to use their training and continue to develop. Consequently recruitment and retention of staff is a challenge, however to reassure you our Communication Centre Leadership team have a well-established rolling recruitment programme in place.

We continue to review and assess where improvements are needed. We are currently exploring solutions including on-line reporting of crime, a more informative website and on-line chat and hope this different access channels will start to be available late summer 2017. We will not solve this issue overnight and are working hard any problems to deliver the best possible service to those who contact us. 

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Current Priorities

Theft from Motor Vehicles

This priority commenced back on 22 nd February 2017. Thank you to our Area Boards for supporting our request for funding metal signage, for display at our beauty spots and locations where this criminality occurs. A total of 178 targeted patrols to such locations within the Devizes, Marlborough and Pewsey villages have been completed since this policing priority was established.

We have experienced sixteen thefts from motor vehicles during July in the Marlborough and Devizes area and are urging motorists to be vigilant.

Incidents have occurred in areas including West Overton, Avebury, Lockeridge, West Woods, Aldbourne, Manton, Market Lavington and Upavon.

Thefts from motor vehicles remain a Policing priority and targeted patrols are ongoing to areas where incidents have occurred. Of those most recent incidents vehicles left parked in roadside laybys are being targeted, less so currently are our beauty spot car parks. Please can we remind people not to leave valuables in vehicles, unfortunately this is still occurring and thefts are resulting, causing distress and inconvenience to the victim. “We continue to work with partner agencies to reduce the number of incidents in these areas. 

We would like to remind motorists to adhere to the following advice whenever possible.

  • Don’t leave any valuables including laptops, satnavs, mobile phones, handbags, credit cards or vehicle documents in your car.
  • Do not leave items of value in the boot, you are being watched.
  • Don’t leave coats/jackets on show in the vehicle as a thief will want to see if there is anything valuable in the pockets.
  • Clean satnav suction marks off your windscreen, as leaving them is an immediate advert to thieves that a satnav is in the vehicle. Make sure no satnav attachments are left visible in your vehicle.
  • Remove your stereo if you can, mark it with the vehicle registration number if you can’t.
  • Leave your glove box open to show there is nothing in it.
  • If you own a van, make sure you remove your tools overnight and display an appropriate sign in the rear window making this clear. 


A large number of actions and patrols have been completed in relation to this policing priority, totalling 260 to date. During July the areas of Devizes experienced six burglaries, predominantly to sheds and integral garages, involving the theft of tools and pedal cycles including a high value Epic carbon fibre mountain bike, black and red in colour to the value of £5,000.

Within the Marlborough area thirteen burglaries have occurred during July, including incidents in Baydon, Ramsbury and Marlborough. Of the latter a male and female suspect were seen within the property at 2316 hours on Tuesday 19th July 2017. Nothing was stolen. Enquiries are continuing with many of these investigations. Other incidents have also involved the theft of tools, including from insecure sheds and garages.

The below cycles were stolen from a detached garage in Ramsbury following forced entry to the building via a window, between 22 – 25th July 2017. 

Photos to follow

Similarly three further cycles were stolen between 29-31st July 2017 from a property in Aldbourne.

If you have any information in relation to these incidents please make contact via 101 or if you wish to report anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800555111. 

Anti-social behaviour Devizes

Areas of The Green at The Kramer, Green Lane and Hillworth road park have been the focus of Police attention involving 58 patrols since 8th June 2017 following complaints regarding rowdy behaviour, alcohol and controlled drug usage and youths causing disturbance in their vehicles. Arrests and other interventions have resulted from our engagement at these locations.

The central area of the town is subject of a Designated Public Place Order in which the Police may require persons not to consume intoxicating liquor and to surrender any open containers of such which Police may dispose of. This legislation within the Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001 assists in reducing incidents of disorder associated with alcohol consumption.

A dispersal order was established in relation to anti-social behaviour by a group of known nominals congregating at St John the Baptist churchyard, on Long street, in recent weeks. Their behaviours included their hosting a barbeque at this location, causing, offence, upset and distress to a number of residents in the Devizes community. Police and partner agencies have been and continue to work closely together to deal with those who are involved which include rough sleepers and individuals with complex needs. Local officers of the Devizes Policing Team have also been conducting patrols of Forty Acres road where they have been engaging with young persons at the play park and discussions have included how certain behaviours and activity cause alarm and distress to others. During a recent visit on 1st August one local officer assisted the youths in clearing all the litter on site.

Targeted Patrols

Speed enforcement Upavon

Members of the East Community Policing Team have been conducting speed enforcement in the village. Officers issued two fixed penalty notices and gave one motorist words of advice during the evening of 13th July 2017 at one such event on Devizes road, Upavon. Of their session on 27th July between 0811 and 0854 hours five motorists were stopped and given advice for minor infringements.

Cyber Crime information

Our focus upon this criminality remains a high priority, please refer to www.getsafeonline.org

Local Crimes

11/07/2017 – Criminal Damage – Milton Lilbourne - Unknown suspect(s) have fired airgun pellets at an animal, causing the shot pellets to enter the animals head. The pellets had to be removed by a vet.

20/07/2017 – Burglary – Shalbourne - Unknown suspect(s) have smashed the padlock off a gate and entered a yard. Suspect(s) have then forced entry into an outbuilding however nothing has been stolen.

25/07/2017 – Criminal Damage – Burbage – All the windows of a parked vehicle have been smashed. A suspect has been identified.


This link will allow you to check stats in more detail for your area, and all surrounding areas.

If you wish further detail please contact PCSO Jonathan Mills.

Please dial 101 to report a crime and 999 in an emergency.


Pc 2460 Teresa HERBERT

CPT East Community Co-ordinator, Devizes, Marlborough and Pewsey

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