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News  »  Planning Consultation Meeting on Thursday 9th January re Seymour Pond Development

   Planning Consultation Meeting on Thursday 9th January re Seymour Pond Development    January 4, 2014


Burbage Parish Council

Planning Consultation Meeting

Clerk:  clerk@burbage-pc.org.uk  01672 519067

Graham Francis, Clerk to the Council

The Public and Press are invited to attend this meeting


Outline Planning Application - (13/06529/OUT) for the Land East of the High Street, Burbage

You are invited to a Planning Consultation Meeting to be held in the


Village Hall on Thursday 9th January 2014

Doors Open 7.30pm.


A representative of Persimmon Homes has been invited to speak about the proposal.  A copy of the plans and supporting documentation will be available for perusal.  This is possibly the last opportunity to hear about the proposed plans, the potential advantages and disadvantages. If you cannot attend but wish to comment to Burbage Parish Council then please contact the Chairman, Steve Colling by email at chairman@burbage-pc.org.uk.

Meanwhile the plan details can be found on the Wiltshire Council website here http://tinyurl.com/ojswevx and members of the public can comment on the application online.  The plans are also available via the Burbage Parish Council website www.burbage-pc.org.uk or to see printed copies ring Gill Terry on 810785.

Burbage Parish Council will discuss and decide their decision on the application following the Council Meeting, open to the public, on the following Monday, 13th January, at 7.45pm in the Church Centre.

Stuart Wheeler, our Local County Councillor, has said he will represent your views and hopes to attend the meeting. He will ‘call in’ the plans, which means the Wiltshire Council Planning Committee will hold a public meeting and you can attend and speak for or against (limited to 3 for and 3 against, each of 3 minutes maximum). The date of this meeting has not yet been finalised but will be put up on the Wiltshire Council site, the Parish Council Noticeboards and website when known.

Graham Francis

Clerk to the Council

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