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   December Burbage News links    December 1, 2013

The Post Office Website has a page on which you can register to stop the posties from delivering UNADDRESSED junk mail to your registered address. To go straight there, click thi slink:

You can also register with the Mail Preference Service to stop UNSOLICITED addressed mail to your address:

To stop the majority of telephone calls from salespeople (applies to UK call centres only) you can register with the Telephone Preference Service here:

These services are completely FREE - beware of companies/websites which will charge you for this: All they tend to do (if anything) is register your details with these organisations and pocket your hard-earned cash for the priviledge. If you do want to pay good money to have someone do this for your, let me know - I'll happily take on the task!

Other methods to block nuisance telephone calls. Try something like this:
I have heard this is more effective than a programmable call blocker that requires you to manually confirm which numbers to block. Not the best option when many nuisance calls have no number available, such as international callers

Again, beware of companies that will try to sell you a gadget which they claim will stop unwanted calls. These gadgets may be worthless - so it is always best to go with a personal recommendation direct from someone you know and trust (not someone who states your friend's name!). Also, the gadgets offered tend to be available at a much cheaper rate if you buy online, or even from places like Argos. None come with a monthly subscription fee! One-off purchases only, so don't be fooled into thinking you need to subscribe to a service

You should also check the BT website for further options:

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