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   November 2013 Police Report    November 3, 2013


2nd November 2013


Crimes within the Pewsey east villages;



Attempt non dwelling burglary; Between 0300 to 0400 hours on 4th October an attempt was made to force open a garage door. A further suspicious incident occurred at 2120 hours on 14th October when a male was disturbed in the rear garden to the property. Suspect described as of white ethnicity, mid 20s, dark hair, wearing jeans.


Non dwelling burglary; At 0140 hours on 18th October suspects forced entry to a container and removed power tools. Items recovered nearby. Second container entered, nothing believed stolen.


Non dwelling burglary; Between 14th to 18th October forced entry was made to a garage and a black Boardman mountain bicycle, with a white saddle was stolen from within.


Theft; At 0724 hours on 31st October suspect obtained fuel from a garage, for which no payment was made.


Great Bedwyn

Non dwelling burglary; Between 29th September to 5th October forced entry was made to a building and two racing bicycles stolen from within, both grey; Secteur and Trek Mondane models.


Theft from vehicle; Overnight to 0600 hours on 2nd November theft of two wheel trims from a parked and unattended vehicle.


East Grafton

Theft; Between 28 September and 6th October theft of a windscreen wiper from a parked and unattended vehicle.


Criminal Damage; Between 1900 hours on 3rd October and 1300 hours on 4th October unknown suspects (believed to be involved in hare coursing) have driven across fields and caused damage to fields and hedgerow. A further incident occurred between 1300 to 1424 hours on 20th October, at which time damage was caused to newly seeded land.



Theft; At 1630 hours on 11th October 2013 theft of £40 from a doorstep. Suspect believed to be a door to door salesman selling household wares.



Theft and criminal damage; At 0410 hours on 10th October 2013 attempt theft of a mini-digger and criminal damage caused to a building. Four males were seen to make off in a small vehicle.



Theft; Between 1700 hours on 5th October 2013 and 1200 hours 7th October theft of three Charlois steers, from a field.




Theft; At 1214 hours on 16th October three males with a white transit van seen to remove two man hole covers from the road.


If you have any information in relation to any of these incidents please make contact with our team at pewseynpt@wiltshire.pnn.police.uk or telephone 101.



An input from our Crime Reduction Officer Amanda CLARKE


Responsible Drinking


Everyone likes to go out and have a good time now and again, and usually that involves alcohol in some way. Drinking responsibly is not only better for your health, but it helps to keep you and your possessions safe.  Alcohol consumption dramatically increases peoples tendency to risk take, resulting in pedestrian accidents on the roads, assaults in and around licensed premises and sexual behaviour that is later regretted.

You are also much more likely to be a victim of theft and assaults if you have consumed alcohol.  Know your limits and stick to them. If you are going out in a group one person should be the sober friend who makes sure the rest of the group stay safe.  Agree that no-one leaves the group, or goes home alone, and make sure that fares home are kept separate from other money.  If you are travelling by taxi, book it in advance and wait for the driver to ask for you by name, never get in a vehicle assuming it is your taxi.  Don’t walk home alone, and always chose a well lit well populated road, even if it means taking a slightly longer route. And remember, drinking and driving don’t mix; even a small amount of alcohol can compromise your reactions and decision making ability so it is best not to drink alcohol at all if you are driving.


For more information please visit the Wiltshire Police web site on www. Wiltshire.police.uk or contact a Crime Prevention Officer by dialling 101

Think you know something about a crime?  Call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111


Best regards,


Pc 2460 Teresa HERBERT

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