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   Flooding and Weather update ? 1830 hrs 25 November 2012‏    November 25, 2012


Hello all,


Please see the following update which gives you some idea which areas are in danger of having properties flooded overnight and tomorrow.




Heavy rain is predicted from 20.30hrs through to about 22.30 hrs in a band including Bradford on Avon, Melksham and Malmesbury.  After that the rain should ease back to heavy showers before clearing through the early morning


Flood Warnings


There are currently eight Flood Warnings issued by the Environment Agency for Wiltshire.  The maximum number of properties at risk, taken from the Agency’s flood risk assessments, is also included, but these are for a 1:100 year flood, so they must be seen as a worst case scenario:

Semington Brook                                                        42 properties
Bristol Avon at Melksham                                           168 properties
Bristol Avon at Chippenham                                       2 properties
Sherston Avon            Luckington – Malmesbury     47 properties
Sherston Avon at Malmesbury                                   45 properties
Bristol Avon at Bradford on Avon                               211 properties
Bristol Avon     Melksham – Bathford                         13 properties
Bristol Avon     Malmesbury to Melksham                  129 properties


Update from Highways Incident room

Still dealing with trees that have been coming down during the day.  

Ringway has had eleven crews out today and will have at least nine crews on overnight .

Immediate assistance has been provided for a number of properties where flooding has occurred and we have been working to keep up with maintenance work relating to the poor weather.  

Additional sandbags are being prepared and deployed.

The Highways Incident Room remains open.

The following roads are closed:

  • B3106 - Staverton
  • Reybridge - Lacock
  • C70 Hayes Knoll Purton Stoke
  • Bradford on Avon - Bull Pit
  • Upper Minety to Somerford Keynes
  • Norrington Lane (nr Broughton Gifford)
  • C168 Shockerwick
  • A429 Kingway bridge
  • B4069 Kington Langley
  • Castle Combe - The Street
  • B3109 Five ways to South Wraxall
  • Malmesbury High Street
  • A363 Yarnbrook to North Bradley under the railway bridge.
  • Please note this is not a definitive list of closures, there may be lower classification of roads, which may be flooded and we are not currently aware of. 


Property Issues


Levels of water are dropping at both Castle Coombe and Malmesbury and properties affected have been assisted by the Highways crews as far as practicable.  We are anticipating that the rain overnight may again affect properties previously affected or affect properties not previously flooded.


Other issues of note


The council incident room has been stood down, but volunteers are on standby, should it be necessary to reopen it. Key staff are on standby should any escalation be required.  There is also provision to open rest centres, should they be required.

The Local Resilience Forum met by teleconference this afternoon to consider the current state of play and predictions going through tonight. 






Allan Clarke

Senior media relations officer

Wiltshire Council

01225 713116


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