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   Attempted break-in at Suthmere Drive    March 3, 2012



On the evening of Friday 2nd March, sometime after 4.00pm, an attempt was made to break in to a property in Suthmere Drive. Minor damage occurred before the would-be intruder(s) gave up and left. Police have responded to a report of a non-local vehicle seen nearby but on this occasion the vehicle was going about normal business. However, residents are to be commended for being alert and reporting promptly on this matter

Police are urging residents to be alert for suspicious or unusual behaviour/vehicles seen in the area and to report this using the new 101 telephone number. If you suspect or know a crime is being committed however, you should dial 999 immediately

Please remember: Always write down the registration number first, if a vehicle. Then write down a description of the vehicle and as much extra information as you can remember, especially if you can describe the occupants 

Burbage Neighbourhood Watch 


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