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VH CIO - Meetings & Updates

Village Hall Meetings

Trustee Meeting - March 2018

The Trustees held a meeting on 22nd March 2018. The minutes of that meeting are available here


Trustee Meeting - January 2018

The Trustees held a meeting on 29th January 2018. The minutes of that meeting are available here


AGM Public Meeting

The AGM meeting was held on Thursday, 30th November 2017. The minutes from the last AGM held on Thursday, 22nd September 2016 were unanimously agreed as correct and are available here

The Annual General Meeting attracted 11 people on Thursday, 30th November 2017.  The Trustees were voted in as follows:  Sue Masey - Chairman; Mich Angell - Secretary, Keith Jones - Policy and Procedures, Lou Clarke - Maintenance, Sally Goodger - Finance, Annie Fellows/Helen Minton - Fund Raising and Marketing. Allan Masey is our Treasurer.


Previous Meetings


The EGM meeting was held on Thursday, 27th April 2017. The minutes are available here



Burbage Village Hall Trustees would like to inform you that an application for the Village Hall Charity Burbage Village Hall No. 305478 to become a Charitable Incorporated Organisations (CIO) has been made to the Charities Commission and has obtained their approval.  The new Charity is called Burbage Village Hall and Recreation Grounds – Charity number 1163221

In making this application the Trustees have followed all legal requirements. They have especially taken great care to retain and update safeguards with regards the land in its care.

Like to know more?  Have any questions on how this change affects the running of the charity and its future?  Feel free to ask a Trustee who will endeavour to respond within a reasonable time. Trustee’s details can be found on the VH Committee page, and on the hall noticeboard. The constitution document is 22 pages long and can be viewed here

The Trustees are dedicated to continue to care for the hall and lands as efficiently as possible. We endeavour to keep our costs down and to fundraise when possible. We would appreciate volunteers to help out.       

Like to help?  You can offer help - giving advice or time, but do not have time to be involved regularly?Then offer to assist the Trustees when convenient to you.

Become a Trustee? Spaces available for more trustees - we would welcome enquiries from anyone interested in becoming a trustee; (you would not now be financially liable under CIO status).