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Ramsbury Airfield Remembrance - Sunday 9th June, 2019

On Sunday 9th June, 2019, the Ramsbury Airfield Remembrance Project, will see the culmination of an idea become a reality - a Memorial to honour all those who worked and served at RAF Ramsbury.  The final stage of this ambitious project will link two world wars to the old airfield, and coincide with 75 years since the D-Day Landings.

There will be two Memorials to dedicate - one at 11 am in Burnt Wood, where over 400 tree saplings (donated by the Woodland Trust) were planted in Remembrance November 2018, and one on the remains of the main runway at 12 noon.  The Revd. Canon Simon Weeden will lead the service.

We will have a brass band and a choir. Military guests, from near and far, and from the USA, visitors, and locals from the towns and villages around the old RAF Ramsbury airfield will gather to honour the fallen of two World Wars and give thanks for 'Deliverance' from Nazi tyranny.

After the noon service on the old runway, the informal part of the event starts, and there will be the opportunity to purchase food and drinks.  All welcome. 

For more information contact ramsburyremembrancewood@gmail.com or Claire 078841 37441

Please see the two posters below which can be downloaded for more information:

Visiting RAF Ramsbury Airfield

Ramsbury Airfield Parking



All Saints Church, Burbage - 1918-2018


The wall hanging was conceived to mark the 100th Anniversary of the Armistice. It was the idea of Steve Colling, Chair of the Parish Council, and organised by the Burbage It’s A Stitch Up group, headed by Helen Colling.

It was intended to be a community project, involving any men, women and children who wished to participate. Contributors were asked to produce an 18 cm [6 inch] square, depicting elements of Burbage and its environs, which would have been familiar features in 1918, the conflict, remembrance and the sacrifices made.

The wall hanging comprises 49 squares, in a variety of stitched media, including embroidery, applique, crochet, and knitting. Of the 17 fused glass poppies,16 are stitched on with Army buttons and one with Navy, to represent the Burbage fallen.

A central feature is the cross with embroidered text from Isaiah Chapter 2, verse 4.

It is a celebration of peace, an acknowledgement that people died, that families lost loved ones in the conflict and that the whole country was profoundly affected by the dreadful events of 1914-18. We must never to allow it to happen again, nor allow those terrible sacrifices to be forgotten or wasted.

We live in peace because of them.

Artists contributing to the hanging were:

Max Barnes, Amelia Campbell, Daisie Charlton, Helen Colling, Roz Cundick, Mike Eley, Pat Eley, Annie Fellows, John Francis, Kay Francis, Imogen Gordon, Judith Gray, Caroline Green, Sheila Green, Huey Lockwood, Noah McNicholas, Helen Minton, Pat Nicholls, Harley Oakey, Jacob Pearce, Glenda Pearce, Linda Peters, Kay Pitt, Lyn Quick, Kerry Richards, Jan Ritchie, Charlotte Sansum, Melissa Sansum, Anna Standing, Jean Stark, Sue Stead, Alison Teasdale, Gill Terry and Caitlin Turner.

Steve Colling created the fused glass poppies.

William Mather kindly allowed us to use the Burbage logo.

Kay Francis stitched the text.

Norma Borthwick, Helen Colling and Linda Peters worked with the Burbage Primary School children, with kind permission from Ms Stubbs, headteacher and Mrs McGarry, deputy headteacher.

Members of It’s A Stitch Up and friends helped with padding and stitching the squares in place.

Alison Dunton, Judith Gray, Chris Gray were responsible for assembling and hanging the work.

John Francis took all the photographs.

The hanging has a permanent place in All Saints Church, thanks to the support of churchwardens, Janet Hartwell and Thelma Henderson, and Burbage PCC.

Very grateful thanks to all who worked so hard, and produced such wonderful work to make this possible.

Details of wall hanging credits:

Top row: Jan Ritchie [ring of poppies], Bill Mather and Kay Francis [Burbage logo], Annie Fellows [bell]

2nd row: Judith Gray [horse], Noah McNicholas* [church & poppy], Glenda Pearce [cottage], Helen Colling [Church Centre], Helen Minton [phone box],

Helen Colling [doorway]

3rd row: Glenda Pearce [bells], Harvey Oakey*[suffragette], Huey Lockwood* [church], Pat Nicholls [white poppy], Linda Peters [pond], Caitlin Turner* [aeroplane]

4th row [ends and middle of cross]: Kay Pitt [17 crosses], Kay Francis [Bible verse] Caroline Green [fallen & memorial]

5th row: Lyn Quick [Tommy silhouette], Mike Eley [Burbage Wharf], Kay Francis [lectern eagle], Imogen Gordon* [stained glass window], Gill Terry [Tudor rose], Anna Standing [2 Tommies]

6th row: Amelia Campbell* [rabbits & Big Belly oak], Max Barnes* [WW1 tank], Jean Stark [WAAC Woman], Sheila Green [VAD nurse], Anna Standing [Bristol fighter], Pat Eley [country path]

7th row: Jacob Pearce* [2 soldiers], Sue Stead [snowdrops], Kerry Richards [duck house], Charlotte Sansum* [school badge], Melissa Sansum [crochet wreath], Anna Standing [Hoares cycle shop]

8th row: Pat Eley [primroses], Roz Cundick [Tedworth Hunt], Kay Francis [milestone], John & Kay Francis [deer in Savernake Forest], Judith Gray [hare], Mike Eley [sheep]

9th row: Daisie Charlton* [1918 & poppy], Judith Gray [WW1 medals], Alison Teesdale [lest we forget crosses] Helen Colling [parish map, triptych of  soldiers’ presences]

Steve Colling [glass poppies]

* These artists were Burbage Primary School children, aged 7 or 8 at the time of completing the work.




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