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The 10,000 Squares Appeal officially launched on 1st August 2017, and we have already achieved our first major milestone of £2,000! See the paragraph below titled 'Fund Matching'

We are listing all the contributions on this page.

The names of individual contributors will not be shown
We have assigned each individual's contributions with a unique number 

Fund Matching
Rather than keep nudging the 'Reserved' spaces along, I have moved them to the lower part of The Grid (rows 61 - 80 inclusive). Now we have raised £2,000, we can apply for the fund-matched grant. More details on this very soon!

Treasure Island

Rows 81 - 100
More details soon - keep watching! Squares in this section are not yet available to claim
However, we do need a name for the figure at row 91, column 91


Opened with £350 from the Tuesday Night Bingo Club
01/08/17 £500 from the White Hart
02/08/17 £50 cheque received (1)
02/08/17 £1,000 paid directly into account (2)
03/08/17 £20 donation received by post (3)
03/08/17 £163 donations received at Sprays Surgery (4)
04/08/17 £30 paid directly into account (5)

04/08/17 - Total so far £2,113

This means we can now apply for the Fund-matched grant!